ASPiiN asks advisers to help build community & client mental health best practice

by Protection Review 12/11/20

Voluntary protection insurance group Action for Suicide Prevention in Insurance (ASPiiN), in partnership with the Protection Distributors Group (PDG), is calling on advisers to respond to its survey.

You can go to the survey by clicking this link.

The groups want to understand the protocols and training that are already in place with regard to the mental health of consumers, especially where an increased risk of suicide is concerned. 

The objective is to build a best practice guide that gathers together all the good work that is already going on, for the benefit of the wider adviser community. All participants will receive a copy of the final report.

What is ASPiiN's purpose?

ASPiiN was formed last year by a group of individuals* from across the insurance industry. They wanted to look at what they could do, within the bounds of their profession, to help to prevent suicide. 

Karin Lloyd, a freelance consultant with a career rooted in underwriting and claims, is also an ASPiiN group member. She comments: "Lots of ideas emerged and all are being followed through, some quietly behind the scenes, and some by engaging a wider audience. That audience includes advisers who are in direct contact with members of the public on a regular basis. They can, to quote someone outside the industry, become ‘like a trusted family friend by your side through thick and thin'. 

"Advisers can often find themselves caught in the middle of difficult conversations, especially in the current environment. That risk is now magnified many times over as people find themselves in a heightened state of anxiety, or even suicidal. 

"Deaths from suicide can be prevented and, in these difficult times, it is important that we use the rich resources and expertise we have as an insurance community to play our part. We hope you will join these efforts by completing our survey and thank you for your attention."

Lloyd adds that a Protection Review survey in the summer of 2019 showed that 43% of those surveyed had some form of protocol in place. "We know that there has been some progress but also that there is still some work to do."

Adviser guidance

As a complement to the survey, ASPiiN has put together a Directory of Training Resources. This sets out where firms and individuals can go to get training to help them build the tools they need to identify and support clients, or potential clients, who may be suffering from mental health issues or may be suicidal. You can download the PDFs below.

ASPiiN Adviser Survey

Directory of suicide prevention training

Guidance for insurance websites on suicide

*The people involved in ASPiiN are: Jen Oakey, David Banks, Catherine Lyons, Danielle Archer, Fraser Ballantine, Helen Morris, Simon Corley, Vicki Livingstone and Karin Lloyd. 

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