2017 Conference slides

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Slides from the 2017 Protection Review conference can be viewed by following the links below:

Opening Address, James Tait, Pacific Life Re COMING SOON!

Keynote address: ‘I know my rights! But do you? Understanding Disability, Equality and Diversity’  Sammy Kornhauser, Disability Rights UK Click here

Session One: Digital, Engagement and Empathy 

Speaker 1: Alasdair McGill, Ashton McGill Click here

Speaker 2: Jackie Leiper, Scottish Widows Slides not available.

Speaker 3: Rhys Williams, Quietroom Click here

Session 2: Hot Topics

Topic 1: 

Topic 1: Why are the 2018 Data Protection changes important to my business?  Steven Rhodes, Lawyer and Legal Consultant Click here 

Topic 2: To record or not to record? Matt Oldham, Synergy Financial Products Limited, part of the OPAL Group Click here

Topic 3: Is it really all about the claim? Eric Purdy, Independent Consultant Click here


Session 3: Distribution: Past, Present & Future 

Speaker 1: Pamela Davey, Touchstone Click here

Speaker 2: Neil McCarthy, LifeQuote Click here

Speaker 3: Jonathan Hughes, RGAx Click here

Closing address: 50 years in protection, Peter Le Beau Click here

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