ProtectX: Call for Speakers

by Protection Review 13/12/19

We’re calling for speakers for a special new section of the Protection Review Conference in July 2020.


The morning will play out as normal. A keynote speech followed by two sessions comprising 3 speakers and a 4 people panel debate.

In the afternoon we’re introducing a series of 7 short, powerful, maybe controversial, talks each lasting 7 minutes. 

You may have heard of TEDx talks - this is our spin on those. ProtectX talks if you like.

We’re looking for speakers and we want you to get in touch with a proposal.

You might be an existing Protection Review partner. Or you might be looking to partner with us. You may just be someone with a strong opinion you want to share with everyone else.

There are three rules for the afternoon session:

Fancy giving it a go?

Apply to be a ProtectX Speaker - send us a 100 words, or preferably get your phone out and record us a video, and tell us your idea and what you want to say.

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