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Our inaugural conference where all speakers are under 30, ProtectZ, took place on 5th July 2023.

There was a massive buzz in the room all morning and some seriously good, genuine, debating going on amongst the panels.

All our speakers were under age 30 and we were delighted with the wealth of ideas they had for the protection industry. And a genuine passion and commitment to its success too.

We hope the senior leaders in the room listened and heard what their younger colleagues had to say. 

Here's what John Brazier from Cover Magazine had to say about ProtectZ.

He thought the young professionals shared their perspectives on various topics, exuding a strong sense of optimism and a belief that improvements are possible. According to John, "The main thing that came across from the speakers throughout the panels was their sense of optimism that things can, and should, be better."

Despite being relatively inexperienced in public speaking, these speakers confidently expressed their views and engaged in refreshingly unguarded discussions. John observed that this optimistic outlook reflects how the next generation of protection professionals perceive their work, saying, "That sense of optimism was indicative of how the next generation of protection professionals view their work."

While acknowledging that some degree of naivety is to be expected among the younger cohort, John believes that these issues will be addressed over time. He also acknowledged the reality that doing the right thing often comes at a higher cost than doing nothing, questioning whether that cost is worth it. He expressed his hope that most of the protection industry would agree that it is worth investing in positive change.

John emphasised the need to take the voices of these young professionals seriously and involve them in shaping the industry's future. He said, "It’s imperative that this cohort of new voices aren’t just limited to being a voice brought out for events or social media use; they need to be taken seriously and involved. The future of the industry might just depend on it."

Thanks to all our speakers. Here are a few photos from the event.

Keynote presentation

Cristina Criddle, Financial Times Technology Reporter

Panel one: Discussion on tech including apps, data, ChatGPT, Meta & more

Panel two: Discussion on advertising, social media, influencers, celebrities & more

Panel three: Discussion on making the protection industry more appealing to younger people – both as customers and employees

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