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Matthew Clark, CEO of TCP LifeSystems

by Matthew Clark 20/07/10 Category: Comment

Matthew Clark, CEO of TCP LifeSystems wonders when will we exploit the maturity of today’s IT capabilities? Whilst IT capabilities have evolved for many years and in the last decade have come to maturity, the roots of many of our core systems date back to the 60’s. The internet is now taken for granted in every home and has been fully exploited by the leading retailers, but is yet to be fully embraced in Financial Services.  We in TCP LifeSystems believe that this revolution is far greater than just selling over the web. If correctly managed, businesses can now regain…
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Gerry Warner, Protection Development Manager, Zurich UK Life

by Gerry Warner 15/07/10 Comment

Gerry Warner, Protection Development Manager, Zurich UK Life suggests that the time is ripe for reminding customers of the need for Protection I guess I’m in a state of confusion at the moment. On the one hand, there appears to be a plethora of new mortgage deals coming to market; some quite innovative, albeit with most requiring a substantial deposit. Wasn’t May the busiest month for mortgage activity for some time? And yet I’m hearing (if not actually experiencing it personally) that protection sales are decreasing, that mortgage advisers are saying that the market is stagnant with people scared to…
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Want to Know what customers really think about your Service? Ask a Twit.

by Neil Sharp 15/07/10 Comment

Neil Sharp, Director at Insight Now, discusses the use of new technologies in providing feedback to improve the customer experience Is someone who uses Twitter called a Twit, or a Tweeter… or both? I realised halfway through a meeting with a client this week that I didn’t know the answer to this all important question. My client heads up a large part of a highly regulated business that turns over billions each year and the press hound them relentlessly.  My team and I are helping them to change the company culture to truly put the customer at the centre of…
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Dr W T Hamilton shares his thoughts on GP commissioning

by Willie Hamilton 14/07/10 Comment


The release of the White Paper on the NHS is yet another step on the near permanent revolution faced by NHS clinicians and administrators. While most of us recognised we were being naive in hoping for a period of NHS stability, I don't think we expected to have such a major change as full-blooded GP commissioning. Will this have an impact on protection insurance? The obvious product that may be impacted upon is PMI. Those of us with long (ish) memories remember the awful time when NHS patients sat alongside private patients in the same private hospital, receiving the same…
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Trevor Davies of Kennedys Law LLP comments on the Law Commission

by Trevor Davies 06/07/10 Comment


Trevor Davies of Kennedys Law LLP comments on the Law Commission’s consultaion on whether insurers should pay a policyholder for late claims payment Under Scots law, if an insurer refuses to pay a valid insurance claim or only pays after unjustifiable delay, the aggrieved policyholder can also claim compensation (in other words “damages”) from the insurer.  The proviso is that the loss (such as financial hardship) must be foreseeable when the policy contract was entered into. In England and Wales it is different because a policyholder can only claim “damages” for the sum insured (plus interest on the sum assured…
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