May 2016

UK households in danger of financial struggle due to lack of preparation for the unexpected

by ProtectionReview 25/05/16 Category: Blog

• One in five (21%) of households unable to survive financially if they unexpectedly lost their income due to long-term illness • Despite concerns, Brits are more likely to prioritise paying for internet connection and mobile phones than life or critical illness cover • More than a third (36%) would resort to raiding their savings if they were unable to work Despite one in five (21%) people admitting their household would not be financially secure for any length of time if it lost its main income through unexpected circumstances, many Brits continue to bury their head in the sand when it comes…
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5QI: Debbie Kleiner-Gaines, PES

by ProtectionReview 10/05/16 5QI

1. What was the first record you can remember buying? It was probably Michael Jackson Thriller but I had an older sister that spent all her money on records I liked so I could spend my money on other things! 2. What is your biggest pet hate about the world of financial services?  My pet hate is the lack of use of plain English and over use of acronyms! I am not suggesting that all IFAs do this (whoops there I go using an acronym). If we take pensions advice, if I hear anyone using “top hat” or “GPP” I…
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The Top 5 Claims Challenges for Life, Accident and Health Insurers, by Graham Newman

by Graham Newman 09/05/16 Blog

The challenges facing claims operations in disability and life are tougher now than ever. Advances in technology have expanded the potential of customer interactions and changing consumer behaviours have resulted in a huge rise in the expectations customers, whether insureds, employers, beneficiaries, have of the service they will receive from their insurers. Put these against a backdrop of increasing financial demands and more regulation than ever and we can see that claims departments have to work hard just to stay in the game. It’s not all about overcoming difficulties though; those same developments in technology and the willingness of consumers…
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Mortgages and Protection

by ProtectionReview 05/05/16 Polls

Current poll In our latest poll we ask “Do we need to reconsider how the protection industry integrates with the mortgage market?”  Click here to vote and take part. Poll results In our last poll we asked "Will E-signatures have a positive impact on protection sales?" 72% of people felt that the impact would be positive with only 12% feeling that it wouldn’t.
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Protection Review Awards Shortlist 2016

by ProtectionReview 03/05/16 Latest News

Kevin, Peter, Andy, Roger and our independent chairman, Paul Bradshaw met on 28 April to judge the Protection Review Awards 2016. Here's a short video of the session. After that you can find the shortlist.   Innovation Award in association with Gen Re AIG LIFE (Best Doctors extension)  AVIVA (Relevant Life Policy with CI) UNDERWRITEME (Ongoing market development) VITALITY LIFE (New Whole of Life products) LIFESEARCH (New and continued development in the aggregator space)) BORING MONEY (Consumer financial website) Life & Health Claims Award in association with Health Claims Forum (New category) LEGAL & GENERAL (Individual) OLD MUTUAL WEALTH SCOTTISH…
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