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ProtectX: Call for Speakers

by Protection Review 13/12/19

We’re calling for speakers for a special new section of the Protection Review Conference in July 2020. The morning will play out as normal. A keynote speech followed by two sessions comprising 3 speakers and a 4 people panel debate. In the afternoon we’re introducing a series of 7 short, powerful, maybe controversial, talks each lasting 7 minutes.  You may have heard of TEDx talks - this is our spin on those. ProtectX talks if you like. We’re looking for speakers and we want you to get in touch with a proposal. You might be an existing Protection Review partner.…
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September Summit White Paper

by Protection Review 01/11/19

We held our second Protection Review Summit in association with iPipeline on 19 September 2019.  iPipeline has long talked about the 4 Ps of protection which they call the: • Perils • Process • Product • Price At the second summit, we focussed in on “Product”. Are products easy enough for advisers and consumers to understand? Is complexity an issue? Do we focus too much on price rather than products’ benefits and linked services? Are our products relevant for today’s customers? Is complexity an issue? What can we do to improve their appeal, and should we be doing advertising? We've…
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Poll: Added Value Services

by PR 22/10/19 Polls

Poll In our current poll, we’re asking for your opinion on what the industry should call added value services. Click here to cast your vote. Poll Results In our last poll, we asked who would be the most successful new entrant to the market over the next 5 years? Our clear winner was Reviti with just under half of the votes. Do you agree?
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Video Highlights - Conference, Dinner and Awards 2019

by Protection Review 25/09/19 Latest News

The 2019 Protection Review Conference, Dinner and Awards was the best yet. That's certainly what your feedback told us. During the day we heard from excellent speakers and took part in robust debate and in the evening we enjoyed good food, wine and company as we found out who won the awards. Please have a look at these video highlights.  If you'd like to work with us in 2020, please get in touch: Click here to email us.
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Summit White Paper: Tackling the Perils of Protection

by Protection Review 09/08/19 Latest News

Back in May, we held the first of a series of Summits in association with iPipeline. iPipeline has long talked about the 4 Ps of protection which they call the: Perils Process Product Price At this first summit, we focussed in on “The Perils”. This is all about the perils of not being protected, the risks people are taking with their finances and what the industry can do to encourage more people to take out life cover, critical illness cover and income protection. We've put together a summary White Paper outlining what the speakers talked about and a summary of…
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