Roy McLoughlin has a warning ahead of G-Day

by Roy McLoughlin 25/10/12

When the D Day landings were being plotted I imagine the planning that was required had to be down to intricate detail, and it was clearly vital that all the various parts of the armed forces and different national military personnel liaised and pulled together in the same direction. 

 If only the same could be said for G Day! 

 Now, before anyone says it, I'm clearly not comparing anybody to the Nazis! The fact is though that once again our industry isn't exactly pulling in the same direction. Advisers realise that insurers have to compete with each other, but what we have witnessed over the last month is an obsession with landing on the beach first, and forgetting to fill your boats with troops. It's great that a race for G Day stance and acceptance of props has taken place but haven't we forgotten something?! You needed to tell the advisers and the public that there is a war on! 

 Where are the broker consultants ringing and visiting IFAs to tell them what is happening, and the wonderful opportunity this creates? Where has the education piece manifested itself? During the Protection Review generic training workshops run with the support of the PFS, Kevin,Peter (Chadborn) and yours truly have been appalled at the little or no knowledge and awareness that some advisers have had on this subject. These are your conduits after all. Insurers often have excellent websites on the changes but are they really driving advisers to this information? I imagine most IFAs receive in excess of 100 emails a day - someone, through a phone call or a visit, needs to drive this. 

 More importantly though is where on Earth has the PR to the general public been? What a fantastic opportunity to be in the national press and on TV and radio talking about G Day and what have we seen or heard! This is a missed opportunity and one which will not come around again guys. We are at the eleventh hour, so it's not entirely too late and I would beseech those of you who believe in effective PR, to do something about this very quickly. Your media agencies have the capability of putting these stories out today! We need to be a united front and that means everyone reaching those beaches together. 

 Otherwise the G Day landings will sadly bemore reminiscent of the end scene of Monty Python's The Holy Grail! 

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