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Protection Review Covid-19 guidelines

by ProtectionReview 19/11/21

November 2021 We remain committed to holding the safest event possible and ensuring the safety of our guests wherever we can. On arrival at the event, ALL guests will be asked to prove their eligibility to enter the event in the following ways: Those guests who are DOUBLE VACCINATED - please have your NHS Covid Pass ready to be scanned on entry. Here is a video to explain how to get the NHS Covid Pass and you can find out more about the pass here. Those guests who are NOT DOUBLE VACCINATED - please provide proof of a negative lateral…
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Zurich’s Head of Innovation, Mark Budd responds to ProtectX5

by Protection Review 18/11/21 Latest News

In this special, second, follow up to ProtectX5, Mark Budd, Head of Innovation at Zurich, responds in more detail to some of the issues raised by the speakers. We talk about the tension between underwriting and technology, the use of data and customer trust, technology and marketing communications and whether the phone is dead in the customer experience. You can use the time stamps below to scrub through the video to watch the different topics. 00:00 Intro by Protection Review's Roger Edwards 00:40 Mark Budd explains his role as Head of Innovation at Zurich 01:31 Tech trends that will affect…
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5QI, Michele Golunska, Sesame Bankhall Group

by ProtectionReview 16/11/21 5QI

What was the first record/CD you can remember buying?  I don’t think CD’s were invented when I first bought a record! My first record was Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ album and embarrassingly I used it to practice the zombie dance moves. What is your biggest pet hate about the world of financial services? We like to make everything sound complicated, we have too many acronyms and we don’t talk about the value of what we do for the customer enough. What is your favourite film/book, and why? My favourite film is Gladiator, I have literally watched it so many times I…
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Munich Re responds to ProtectX5

by Protection Review 20/09/21 Latest News

In this special follow up to ProtectX5, Matt Bone, Head of Underwriting and Claims at Munich Re, responds in more detail to some of the issues raised by the speakers. You can watch the video by clicking below. If you want to watch a specific segment of the discussion, please scrub through the video to one of the timestamps below. 00:00 Roger Edwards's introduction 00:33 Matt Bone from Munich Re. introduces himself 00:57 Comments on the ProtectX format 02:01 Will fast developments continue post-pandemic? 03:20 Millennials, Gen Z and financial advice 06:14 Technology platforms and protection providers 11:22 Artificial Intelligence…
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ProtectX5 Insurtech Special - Full Event Replay

by Protection Review 10/09/21

ProtectX5 took place on Thursday, September 9th 2021. An insurtech special in association with iPipeline, the format of 7 speakers with 7 minutes each proved to be really popular again. Thanks for your interactions on Twitter and for your great feedback. Here's the full event replay in HD. If you want to watch a specific talk, just scrub through to the time code below. 00:00:00 Introduction by Roger Edwards - Protection Review 00:03:02 Ralph Tucker - iPipeline 00:09:42 Vishala Ravipati - Capgemini 00:16:30 Andy Walton - Mortgage Advice Bureau 00:24:03 Sabrina Molteni - Partner Re 00:31:08 Ian McKenna - FTRC…
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