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Protection Review Awards 2019 - voting is open!

by PR 12/02/19 Category: Latest News

Click here to cast your vote Your votes will help decide the shortlists for this year’s awards. You don’t need to vote in all categories, just those which are relevant to your knowledge and experience. And for written entries you don’t need to wait to be shortlisted – you can submit written entries at any point before the deadline. Some reminders for 2019 How we decide the winners: ·     Written entry, industry vote, and the opinions of the judges: -          Underwriter of the Year -          Life & Health Claims Award -          Innovation Award -          Protection Intermediary…
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We need to talk about… claims stats

by Protection Review 12/02/19 Comment

The third in our regular series looking at hot topics. Deliberately provocative, we're trying to start a debate. January and February, the start of a new year, and the time most protection providers share some great news with the rest of the industry. Everyone rushes to publish their claims statistics. Holloway Friendly led the charge this time, getting their numbers out into the trades within the first few days of 2019. And most of the statistics make for positive reading. Life, critical illness and income protection claims paid well into the 90 percents. It’s great news and something the industry…
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5QI, Adam Saville, Cover

by PR 29/01/19 5QI

What was the first record/CD/download you can remember buying? ‘Protection’ by Massive Attack… if only!? It was actually a tape – ‘Wannabe’ by Spice Girls. An odd choice for a 12 year old boy, but I don’t regret a thing (honest). The first vinyl record I ever bought was Gala ‘Freed From Desire’, which even today is a certified banger. I wish I still had it in my collection. I would genuinely play it: to people. What is your biggest pet hate about the world of financial services? It would be great if we saw greater diversity across the industry…
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Poll:What is most likely over the next five years – continued evolution or dramatic disruption?

by PR 22/01/19 Polls

Poll In our current poll we ask “What is most likely over the next five years – continued evolution or dramatic disruption?” We’ve been discussing this very topic in our “We need to talk about” section on the website. Click here to cast your vote Poll Results Our last poll asked “Could the industry improve how it underwrites mental health?”. Nearly three quarters of respondents felt that improvements could be made with just 16% saying no and the smallest number, just (10%) saying maybe.
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We need to talk about… disruption

by Protection Review 13/01/19 Comment

The second in our regular series looking at hot topics. We're trying to start a debate so it might be a little provocative. Is a tech giant or a global brand about to bulldoze its way into UK protection and disrupt the market from under our feet? We’ve all had the conversation. It’s a frequent topic of discussion, especially over a few beers when the protection great and good come together after an event. “I’m surprised no one has done it yet,” someone will say. “The UK protection market is ripe for disruption. When will we see the Uber or…
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