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5QI, Iona Bain, Freelance Journalist

04/08/17 Category: 5QI

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1. What was the first record/CD/download you can remember buying? Spice by the Spice Girls (from my local Sainsburys) 2. What is your biggest pet hate about the world of financial services? The attitude that young customers aren’t viable and not worth treating in a compassionate way. I was once told by a bank that designing helpful services for us “wasn’t profitable” and that we should design the kind of industry we want to see. Which we are now doing – and hopefully we’ll paint that particular bank out of the picture. 3. What is your favourite film, and why?…
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Compulsory Non-Contestablility Period Poll

02/08/17 Polls

Current Poll In our current poll we ask “Should the UK adopt a compulsory non-contestability period (i.e. a period after which an insurer cannot turn down a claim for non-disclosure) on protection insurance policies? If so, what should that period be”: 1) 2 years 2) 5 years 3) 10 years Click here to cast your vote Poll Results Our last poll asked whether respondents agreed that 'The claim is our core product, not the policy’ in our largest vote to date, 87% of respondents said yes, with 8% saying no and 5% answering maybe.
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Behind the scenes Vlog - Protection Review Conference, Dinner and Awards 2017

24/07/17 Latest News

The Protection Review Conference, Dinner and Awards was a resounding success. Thanks for coming along and thanks for your feedback. You might have spotted Roger Edwards with his video camera during the day. We're putting together a new video for our partners which we'll let you see very soon. In the meantime, Roger's put together a "Behind the Scenes" video as part of his RogVLOG series. You can see us prepping for the conference; the transformation of the conference room into a banqueting hall; meet our Toast Master and see us handing out the gongs. You might even catch a…
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2017 Conference slides

21/07/17 Content

Slides from the 2017 Protection Review conference can be viewed by following the links below: Opening Address, James Tait, Pacific Life Re COMING SOON! Keynote address: ‘I know my rights! But do you? Understanding Disability, Equality and Diversity’  Sammy Kornhauser, Disability Rights UK Click here Session One: Digital, Engagement and Empathy  Speaker 1: Alasdair McGill, Ashton McGill Click here Speaker 2: Jackie Leiper, Scottish Widows Slides not available. Speaker 3: Rhys Williams, Quietroom Click here Session 2: Hot Topics Topic 1:  Topic 1: Why are the 2018 Data Protection changes important to my business?  Steven Rhodes, Lawyer and Legal Consultant Click here …
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