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ProtectX3 - Full Event Replay

by Protection Review 05/03/21 Category: Latest News

Thanks to everyone who watched ProtectX3 live on 4th March. If you missed it, you can watch the full event replay in glorious high definition by clicking below. If you want to watch a particular talk just scrub the video to the appropriate timecode as below. 00:30 Introduction by Roger Edwards 04:02 Iain Anderson, Cicero/AMO 11:12 Sarah Moore, Auxilium Partnership 19:06 Carol Bagary, Mental Performance Coach 26:42 Ian Sawyer, Assured Futures 34:37 Anna Glod, Umbrella Protect 41:19 Simoney Kyriakou, FT Adviser 48:38 Jiten Varsani, London Money 56:15 Panel debate with Emma Thomson, Founder of Women in Protection and David Mead, Future Proof Thanks again to all our speakers and panel…
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Royal London Underwrite Later awarded iMark by Protection Review

by PR 05/03/21 Latest News

At Protection Review we’ve always believed that innovation is such an important part of developing better solutions, not just for customers, but for advisers too. Since we started in 2003, we’ve seen many innovations, as insurers look to develop not just better products, but also better processes and other elements of their proposition. It’s something we’ve always encouraged. Our popular product reviews (which trace their roots back to 1994) highlight good ideas and practice as well as good products, but a while back we decided to do more. So, to further encourage good innovation, we introduced the Protection Review iMark.…
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Register for ProtectX3

by Protection Review 08/02/21 Latest News

ProtectX3 is on 4th March. It's 9:15 for a 9:30 am start. 7 speakers talking for 7 minutes followed by a panel debate. We'll finish at 11 am. You need to register to be able to watch ProtectX3. Please fill in the form below. Here are our confirmed speakers: Anna Glod, Umbrella Protect Sarah Moore, Auxilium Partnership Jiten Varsani, London Money Carol Bagary, Mental Performance Coach Ian Sawyer, Assured Futures Iain Anderson, Cicero/AMO Simoney Kyriakou, FT Adviser Followed by a panel discussion with: Emma Thomson, Founder of Women in Protection David Mead, Future Proof We can't wait to welcome our speakers to the virtual stage. See…
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Showreel 2021

by Protection Review 05/02/21 Latest News

We've got some exciting plans for 2021. We'll be running more editions of our popular online mini-conferences, ProtectX. 7 speakers talking for 7 minutes followed by a panel debate.  And we hope to return to the Landmark Hotel in December 2021 for the Conference, Dinner and Awards. Here's our showreel for 2021, celebrating the successes of 2020 and looking forward to this year's exciting events. Want to be involved? Please get in touch.
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Poll: Underwrite Later

by PR 28/01/21 Polls

Poll In our latest poll we ask whether the new "Underwrite Later" option from Royal London will help grow the protection market. Cast your vote here.
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