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5QI, Mollie Burdge, Future Proof

by ProtectionReview 08/10/18 Category: 5QI

  What was the first record/CD/download you can remember buying? Avril Lavigne ‘Let Go’. I must have been about 8 years old then. My music taste has changed somewhat since then. What is your biggest pet hate about the world of financial services? How it is perceived as being very grey and boring by people not in the industry. I love my job and how varied it is, every day I deal with new clients and interesting medical conditions. What is your favourite film, and why? It is so hard to choose just one but The Breakfast Club has always…
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Poll: Could the industry improve how it underwrites mental health?

by ProtectionReview 08/10/18 Polls

Poll In our current poll we ask “Could the industry improve how it underwrites mental health?: Click here to cast your vote Poll Results Our last poll asked “Will we see a time when today's added value benefits become the core product, with insurance being the add on?”.  Just under 60% of respondents felt that this was inevitable.  A quarter of people felt that this wouldn’t be the case and 15% remained undecided.
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2018 Highlights Video - Conference, Dinner and Awards

by Protection Review 30/08/18 Latest News

Your feedback suggests the 2018 Protection Review Conference, Dinner and Awards was the best ever.  One adviser even said the conference, in his opinion, was the best financial services event he'd ever been to. Here are some highlights of the day in our new video. If you want to partner with us in 2019 - please get in touch.
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2018 Conference Slides

by ProtectionReview 17/07/18 Content

Slides from the 2018 Protection Review conference can be viewed by following the links below: Keynote Address: Pete Matthew, Meaningful Money, click here Session 1: Helen White, CII click here and see also for the report that Helen referred to. James Daley, Fairer Finance, click here Hema Tank, The London Institute of Banking & Finance, click here Session 2: Luke Ashworth, ProtectionGeek, click here Session 3: Phillip Bray, Yardstick Agency, click here Paul Yates and Steph Hydon, iPipeline, click here   If you were one of the many dinner guests who enjoyed Rhys Williams' pre dinner speech, you can see the…
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View the photos from Protection Review 2018

by ProtectionReview 16/07/18 Latest News

Protection Review 2018 took place on 12th July at the London Landmark hotel. To view the photographs from the conference click here To view the photographs from the dinner and awards please click here To see photos of our award winners click here
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