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Summit White Paper August 2020 - Process

by Protection Review 12/08/20 Category: Latest News

Back in June 2020, we held the fourth and final session of a series of Summits in association with iPipeline. It was an online event as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. iPipeline has long talked about the 4 Ps of protection which they call the: Perils Process Product Price At the fourth summit, we focussed in on “Process” Underwriting: how it changed because of COVID-19 and how it will change in future? How can we improve digitisation? New trends and emerging segments. We've put together a summary White Paper outlining what the speakers talked about and a summary of…
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Poll: Lead generation

by PR 17/07/20 Polls

Poll In our current poll, we’re asking whether the buyer of a protection lead should be liable for the adverts used to generate those customers? Click here to cast your vote. Poll Results In our last poll, we asked for your opinion on whether IP should be the first priority for most people ahead of life cover, CI or PMI. 77% of respondents agreed that IP should be the first priority for the majority of people.
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5QI, Craig Brown, Legal & General

by PR 10/07/20 5QI

What was the first record/CD you can remember buying? Rather embarrassingly the first single I owned (and I distinctly remember proudly writing my name on the sleeve) was ‘The land of make believe’ by Bucks Fizz! I was very young at the time then forgot about music for a number of years before spending my first ever pocket  money on ‘Appetite for Destruction’ by Guns N Roses (On Cassette Tape!) , much cooler and a classic album to this day. What is your biggest pet hate about the world of financial services? Certainly nothing I hate, the FS world does…
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ProtectX - Full Event Replay

by Protection Review 09/07/20 Latest News

ProtectX, our online event took place on 9th July 2020 and was a great success. Thanks to our 7 speakers and 5 panelists. You can watch the full event in this replay video. Please let us know what you think of the topics. Include the hashtag #ProtectX2020 in your comments on Twitter.
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ProtectX online event 9th July 2020

by PR 15/05/20 Content,Latest News

We were sad to have to postpone the Protection Review Conference, Dinner and Awards until December, but know it's the right thing to do in the current crisis. We were most excited about the new ProtectX segment and didn't want to wait another 6 months to share that with you. So we're going to run ProtectX as an online event on the original date of the conference on 9th July. The format for ProtectXOnline is wonderfully simple. Each of our 7 main speakers will present for 7 minutes and begin their talk with the statement, "We need to talk about..."…
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