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We need to talk about… the D word

by Protection Review 22/05/19

The latest in our regular series looking at hot topics. Deliberately provocative, we're trying to start a debate. This time, we need to talk about... the D word.   What does disruption actually mean? Words like disruption and reinvention are appearing more frequently across the protection industry these days. Often, they are used to describe various new protection propositions recently launched in the market, sometimes formally, sometimes less so. Maybe it’s to get attention or maybe it’s because there is genuine disruption. Or maybe it keeps the investors happy. We’ve always believed that ‘disruption’ means massive change. A product and/or…
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Poll: Where next for claim stats?

by PR 16/05/19 Polls

Poll In our current poll we ask “Where next for claim stats?” and ask respondents to let us know their favoured option. Click here to take part. Poll Results In our last poll we asked “What is most likely over the next five years – continued evolution or dramatic disruption?” We’ve been discussing this very topic in our “We need to talk about” section on the website and the results of the poll show that 73% of those who took part, favoured the idea of evolution over disruption.  
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Mental health resilience – the role of the protection industry (and a jam jar)

by Protection Review 13/05/19

In this guest blog, Justin Harper, Head of Protection Marketing at LV= looks at mental health and the role of the protection industry. I’m not sure Alastair Campbell gets many mentions in Protection Review – perhaps he should? If you haven’t already, I recommend you read his Sunday Times article in which he discusses his own mental health, the fact that he rates his daily mental health on a 1 to 10 scale, and the fascinating role a jam jar plays in managing his symptoms.   His article, and the fact that this week is Mental Health Awareness Week got me…
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5QI, Dr Yvonne Braun, ABI

by PR 13/05/19 5QI

1. What was the first record/CD you can remember buying? I grew up in a village where music was a strong tradition, and so a big part of my childhood. There were 9 choirs for a population of 6,000! I loved Mozart’s music (still do!), and bought some of his piano works early on.   2. What is your biggest pet hate about the world of financial services? I think the industry can be insular at times and get lost in the detail. There is a lot of good practice from other sectors and countries that we can draw on…
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Final Awards Shortlists 2019

by Protection Review 30/04/19 Latest News

Following our judging day on 24 April - we have our winners. We can't wait to hand out the awards at the dinner on 11 July at the Landmark Hotel in London. What a day we had. Robust debate and a few laughs. One lady was nominated in every single category including Best Organisation, Young Achiever and Lifetime Achievement.  Our new "Doing it Better Award" attracted more entries than any category in Protection Review history. We'd like to thank this year's guest judges Peter Chadborn (Director of Plan Money) and Simon Havinden (from Munich Re, representing the Health Claims Forum). And…
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