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Big Read May 2022 - Product Development Special Edition

by Protection Review 02/05/22 Category: Latest News

Introduction Product design and product reviews are two issues that affect us every single day, yet we seldom give them much thought – other than to praise or criticise where that’s due. In this issue of Big Read, as guest editor, I wanted to get behind the processes and, working with the rest of the team at Protection Review, we asked a few of our key industry contacts for their contributions to the debate. I’m delighted with the results and hope you will be too. Holloway Friendly’s founder George Holloway not only established the friendly society, but he also was…
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ProtectX6 - Protection 2030 Special - Full Event Replay

by Protection Review 23/04/22

ProtectX6 took place on Thursday, April 21st 2022. It's a special look at the future to Protection 2030, in association with DeadHappy. The format of 7 speakers with 7 minutes each proved to be really popular again. Thanks for your interactions on Twitter and for your great feedback. Here's the full event replay in HD. If you want to watch a specific talk, just scrub through to the time code below. 00:00:00 Introduction by Roger Edwards - Protection Review 00:02:58 Katie Crook-Davies - Tabei 00:10:51 Tony Mudd - St James Place 00:18:26 Ed Edwards - DeadHappy 00:25:23 Ruth Gilbert -…
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5QI, Andy Peters, Cirencester Friendly

by ProtectionReview 26/01/22 5QI

What was the first record/CD you can remember buying? Thin Lizzy….Live and Dangerous. Double LP when “ live “ albums were still a thing. Still amazing to this day. What is your biggest pet hate about the world of financial services? Lifetime achievement awards!  Seriously though my biggest one would be over long meetings. I know that’s not just financial services, by the way. Zoom/Teams tech has not made long meetings go away. I realise I have low attention span and everyone else in the room is probably OK, though. What is your favourite film/book, and why? Saving Private Ryan.…
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Full Conference 2021 Video Replays

by Protection Review 25/01/22 Latest News

Protection Review 2021 took place on 8th December 2021 You can now watch highlights from the whole conference. We've put together a series of video replays including full presentations and edited versions of the panel debates.    Intro Address and Keynote Interview Scrub to the different sections by using the following timestamps: 00:00 Opening Address by Kevin Carr 09:43 Keynote Interview with Esther Shaw and Stephanie King   Consumer Trust - Session 1 We're pleased to present all three speeches plus the edited highlights of the panel debate that followed. Scrub to the different sections by using the following timestamps:…
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Future of product development & added-value - Replay Video - Protection Review Conference 2021

by Protection Review 24/01/22 Latest News

Welcome to the video highlights of the Protection Review Conference 2021, held at The Landmark London Hotel. In this video, you can watch highlights of The Big Reveal and Session 2, chaired by Jo Miller, all about the future of product development & added-value services. We're pleased to present all three speeches plus the edited highlights of the panel debate that followed. You can scrub through the video to watch the separate sections as below. 00:00:00 Big Reveal introduction by Jo Miller 00:01:09 Big Reveal with Guardian (Duncan Mosely) and Krysalis (Jo Throp) 00:04:55 Session 2 introduction by Jo Miller…
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