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Alan Newman asks: “What are you like when it comes to Relationships?”

by ProtectionReview 13/07/11

What are you like when it comes to RELATIONSHIPS?  To what extent does your personality shape your relationship behaviour(s) ? Are you consistent or something of a chameleon?     Of course, relationships come in all shapes and sizes. There are intimate relationships, family or kinship relationships, close friendships, acquaintanceships, forced relationships, relationships of convenience and relationships based on a special interest.  You can probably think of others.   How do you behave with respect to each of these relationship types?  Which characterises your relationship with money?   Why do I ask this?  Because of the work that I do I…
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Marius Barnard Interview June 2011

by ProtectionReview 06/07/11

  June 2011: Interview with Marius Barnard   Marius, it is a great pleasure and privilege to interview you for the Protection Review . Many people still speak with huge affection of your address to us in 2007. Did you enjoy that occasion?   Peter, thank you. It was amazing.  Made more so by having my wife and eldest daughter there. It was a defining moment. You have had a long and distinguished career-did medicine always beckon you?  Yes.  My father was a missionary and he taught us to love your neighbour and to have compassion for the underprivileged, the sick…
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Nick Homer Zurich UK Life:  Protection Gap: Is the awareness barrier lifting?

by ProtectionReview 05/07/11

Nick Homer, Proposition Development Manager, Protection Proposition Team, Zurich UK Life asks:   Protection Gap - Is the ‘awareness’ barrier lifting?   To those of us working in the protection industry the reasons why many people do not purchase cover are well documented. ‘Awareness of the need’ is often top of the list, and research amongst consumers supports our belief that they often do not appreciate the financial risks they face should they suffer a critical illness or a long-term incapacity.   It’s certainly true that public awareness remains a fundamental issue for the industry and it should continue to…
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5QI: Tom Baigrie

by ProtectionReview 05/07/11 5QI

Tom Baigrie, LifeSearch   Q. What has been the best moment of your career to date?   A. Winning two Money Marketing awards a few weeks ago.  We’ve be delighted to have won several before– but never while celebrating record profit levels.  The recognition of our ethical and financial success felt very good and you’ll have to give me a job if boasting about it puts the kybosh on it! Q. What was the first record you ever bought?  A. Aqualung by Jethro Tull.  And I still rate is as one of my Top 5 ever. “Sitting on a park…
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5QI: Louise Colley, Aviva

by ProtectionReview 13/05/11 5QI

We asked Louise Colley of Aviva 5 questions as part of our new 5QI section as follows... Q. What has been the best moment of your career to date? A. Sorry - there are 2 - getting Aviva to launch Free New Parent Life Cover - no easy task, and seeing the first cut of the protection TV ad - it brought a tear to my eye! It did just what we wanted it to do. Q. What was the first record you ever bought? A. Say Hello Wave Goodbye - Soft Cell Q. Who has been the greatest inspiration…
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