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Steve Walker laments the imposition of FSA rule on the PMI sector

by Stephen Walker 30/06/10 Category: Comment


Leading PMI intermediary and AMII past-chairman Steve Walker laments the imposition of FSA rule on the PMI sector. Will that change now there’s a new team at Number 10?... Back in 2001 the Government received a European Directive from Brussels requiring them to introduce statutory regulation of the general insurance industry by January 2005. The Government, in its infinite wisdom, decided that this was a task for the Treasury who, in turn, decided the FSA was best placed to take this on board. Prior to this the industry had been ably regulated by the GISC (General Insurance Standards Council). The…
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Peter Barnet keeps it simple…

by Peter Barnett 19/06/10 Comment


KISS fans will be ahead of me with the song’s opening lines of ‘I caught the tail of a hurricane and I’ve never been the same’. Protection can’t expect to remain isolated from the economic storms and it’s not just obvious pressures that will shape the market, like getting a share of the shrinking consumer disposable pound and pressure on margins, but also structural issues like capital requirements and the regulatory environment. According to the OBR, the UK 2010-11 borrowing figure is £155bn with the overall public sector net debt expected to rise to £1,376bn by 2014-15. In the emergency…
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Lucian Camp recalls the time he met the FS Good Fairy…

by Lucian Camp 16/06/10 Comment

I haven’t told anyone about this before, but about fifteen years ago the FS Good Fairy made one of her rare appearances in my office, and – being an ungenerous sort of fairy – offered me just one wish. I was sorely tempted to make a sort of composite wish which would have involved the uninvention of Arsene Wenger, the avoidance of an interminable era of pointless strife and indecision at White Hart Lane and a very different outcome over the following period in the balance of power between the two giants of north London football. But after some hard…
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Welfare reform: Should we order the ‘go faster’ stripes now?

by Alan Tyler 25/05/10 Comment


The new coalition government has reached agreement on a common programme with a speed that has astonished many of our European neighbours. In doing so, the welfare reform agenda is unlikely to have delayed them for too long, as in several important areas, the LibDem election manifesto was strangely lacking in policy. However, there is evidence of compromise and more may emerge when the next level of detail is revealed. In truth, there have not been significant differences between all three major parties in what they wanted to achieve, the issues have been how and how quickly to achieve this.…
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Consultant Phillip Cooke reminds us just how important it is to look after the basics…

by Phillip Cooke 20/05/10 Comment

In wondering what to write for my first Protection Review blog, I was reminded of an inspirational story I read a few years ago. Here it is. On a stormy night many years ago an elderly man and his wife entered the lobby of a small hotel in Philadelphia. “All the big hotels are full up”, said the man, “could you possibly give us a room here?” The reception clerk explained that there were three conventions in town, and that was why there were no rooms to be had anywhere. After a moment’s silence he added, “All our rooms are…
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